We Buy Mobile Home Notes - We Sell To Accredited Investors In other words, if you sold a mobile home and carried back a note as part of the transaction we would be interested in purchasing that note. You can turn that note into immediate cash!

It is almost impossible to find financing available for mobile homes manufactured before 1992!

If you are interested in selling your pre-1992 home, one possibility would be for you to carry back a note (you become the lender). If you think this approach might be a solution allowing you to sell your mobile home, we can help you complete that sale by purchasing your seller "carry-back" note, in escrow, at the same time you sell the home.

If you have a note you would like to sell, or are thinking about selling your mobile home (on land or in a park) by creating a note yourself, please complete the following form and we will contact you to discuss the proper creation of the note under current legal guidelines and walk you through the steps required for us to purchase the note and complete your sale successfully.

Note: We do not provide a phone number for initial contact. We would spend all our time answering phone calls and never get any business done. If we have questions and/or decide to purchase your note, we will provide all necessary contact information.

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